Millboard Decking Devon

The Finest Deck

Millboard decking is the finest composite choice for those looking for the perfect mix between a timber decking aesthetic and the many benefits of composite. 

Hand-moulded with a unique polyurethane resin construction, Millboard decking does not deteriorate like natural wood and cannot be matched in durability or realism by other composite decking brands.

Riviera Decking in Newton Abbot is a proud supplier and fitter of Millboard.

Premium Quality, Long Lasting Decking

Millboard decking boasts refined timber grain that mimics natural timber but is engineered to offer an enhanced decking experience that minimises maintenance while getting as close as possible to a real timber texture.

Millboard is made in the UK from a 100% recycled composite polyurethane and mineral blend, giving it a very low carbon footprint and making it the environmentally friendly choice in decking. There is no wood so it won’t splinter or host algae growth.

Millboard states that “polyurethane resin can typically last longer than timber, up to 35-40 years (subject to environment). Timber is typically 10-15 years”


With Millboard You’ve Got Options

There are a wide variety of sizes and finishes, and every board has a hand-coloured textured finish. Millboard is weather-proof, UV resilient, and does not warp or split.

The unique surface provides exceptional slip-resistance, even when wet, giving you confidence when using the steps in any conditions. Every board is produced using 100% recycled minerals.

We have many colour options available to fit the stylish vision you have for your next home upgrade. You can see some examples and colour swatches below.

Example installations:

Colour swatches:

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