Timber Decking Devon

High-Quality Timber

Timber is a natural building material and our timber is sourced from sustainable suppliers. Riviera Decking designs and builds your decking area to your specification, built to the highest standard with quality materials for your home or commercial development.

Your timber decking in Devon can have many grades and accessories such as anti-slip, lighting, balustrades, glass balustrades, raised areas, disabled walkways, steps, and much more. Your Riviera Decking timber deck will be the heart of your outdoor living space.

Get the Natural Look

Nothing beats the classic look of timber. Integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces with practical timber decking that creates a free-flowing connection between the two, bringing a stylish feature to your garden that brings it closer to the home.

Timber decking adds a rustic charm to your space while providing warmth and elegance that cannot be matched with plastic decking.

It can be treated, stained, and painted to give it a slightly different feel or bring it closer to the aesthetic of the surrounding area while keeping its classic look. These treatments are also great at prolonging the life of your timber decking in Newton Abbot.


Worried About Timber Decking Maintenance

While we only supply and fit the highest quality timber, it’s fair to say that timber does not generally have as long a lifespan as other alternatives available. Wood is prone to rotting in the long term, and although this process can be delayed, it is eventually inevitable, no matter how much time you spend treating it.

If you want your deck to remain looking like new over a longer time period with minimal maintenance, you may want to consider an alternative. Composite decking is a hugely popular choice for people that want a stylish deck that requires minimal maintenance.

If you are looking for the natural look of timber decking without the maintenance, Millboard composite decking is the premium choice that offers a textured finish with all of the composite benefits.

Examples of our work:

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