UPVC Decking Devon

Non Slip & Fire Resistant UPVC Decking Devon

Riviera Decking gives the ultimate finish in decking with a PVC / UPVC range. Built to any specification with a wide range of products and designs.

PVC decking has taken over the commercial sector and is now becoming very popular in residential homes and gardens.  Major benefits of PVC are its smooth sleek finish, wide range of colour options, modern look, and the fact it’s virtually maintenance-free.

At Riviera Decking we supply and install the highest quality UPVC decking. You can learn more about the differences between PVC and UPVC decks below.

PVC-Decking Holiday Park Devon

What is UPVC Decking?

UPVC decking is a popular choice among homeowners, particularly those living in static homes or caravan users. It is used to create a durable, low-maintenance outdoor space. UPVC, which stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, is a type of plastic that is used in the construction of many different products, including windows, doors, and decking in Newton Abbot and Devon.

UPVC vs PVC Decking

The U in UPVC separates it from PVC. Being unplasticised, it is more rigid and stable than old-fashioned PVC decking and it is more resistant to the elements. It also requires even less maintenance than PVC, making it a great choice for a stylish deck that is practical for many years to come.

UPVC Decking Devon

UPVC Decking Maintenance

A standout benefit of UPVC decking is its minimal maintenance requirements to keep it looking like new. Traditional wood decks often need to be stained and sealed to keep them in good condition, particularly with the weather that we often see in Devon!

UPVC decks do not require any special treatment, so you don’t have to worry about spending your weekends maintaining them. It will retain its appearance and durability for many years.

Of course, it can still accumulate dirt and grime over time if it is not washed at all. While the material is durable, it can still appear dull and worn if there is a lot of debris on it.

A simple soap and water solution scrubbed with a soft-bristled brush will do the trick at easily removing this dirt to keep it looking its best. Make sure you rinse it down with some clean water to remove the soap to avoid slipping hazards.

Riviera Decking can help supply and fit a range of decking from our Newton Abbot showroom.

UPVC Decking Caravan Park Devon

Eco-Friendly UPVC Decking Devon

At Riviera Decking, we only partner with the most sustainable suppliers. UPVC decking is fully recyclable, with our boards also being made from high-quality, recycled materials themselves.

This gives you peace of mind knowing that your project is not damaging to our environment from its production all the way through to its long-term disposal in the distant future.

There is a wide range of colour options and styles available with UPVC decking so you can choose one that fits your home or caravan design, complementing your living space exterior, or creating an eye-catching feature that adds a bit of pizzazz to your home!

Choose UPVC decking for an inexpensive deck that brings style to your home while increasing its value. Download a brochure for more information and inspiration or request a quote today.

Example Devon UPVC Decking Installations:

strong construction

Strong construction

Wear & impact resistant

Will not warp like timber

low maintenance

Easily cleaned

Unlike timber it won't promote mould growth

Doesn't need treating, varnishing or painting

slip resistant

Low slip surface in wet or dry

Will not crack of splinter

Will carry high loads

No sharp edges